How’s your January going?

We’re in the new year and January is almost done. Instead of making a resolution and forced to face a bunch of failures at the end of the year, I opted to start planning my life better and  journaling all my process. Despite the hype of bullet journaling I actually love doing “my type” of  #bujo because instead of just writing down mundane stuff, I get to doodle, scrap booking, planing, and review my days at the same time. It’s more therapeutic relaxing rather than a boring thing to do.

So yes my journalling journey that started in January is going great so far, how about your January?


Happy place, Happy face! – Desk Tour 2016


The month November was a very hectic month for me, it is the busiest time of the year for my shop,  added with family life and chores, I wish I had another 24 hour in a day.

Now that December is here, it’s my nesting time. Since adopting the minimalist lifestyle I really have to continue training my self to ask the two ultimate questions at all time:

  1. Do you need it?
  2. Does it brings you joy?

So this year instead of having again a winter home decor haul, I only bought these 3 marque letters and placed them near my work station to be adored 🙂 .


Another good things are, by buying the letters I reorganized my desk and finally did the Konmari paper clean up and get rid more than 75% of my papers., that was really freeing.


I still have “a lot” of things on my desk but at least I only keep items that I use very regularly, so bottom line… happy place, happy face!


3 Must See Buildings in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a harbor city, while the rest of the country walk slowly in getting their city face modernized, Rotterdam has always been running in the front line. The city has almost buried the olden Europe characters.

Modern Architecture is one of Rotterdam’s charms. So many interesting landmark buildings built by legend architects, yet if you have only a little time, these are the 3 must see:


  1. Euromast, the tallest building in the country ’nuff said.


2. Roterdam Central Station, newly rebuilt just about 2 years old. While Euromast will give you bird’s eye view experience, the Central Station will give you ant’s eye view ;). Literally, people going in and out like ants, also when you just got out of the building you will be presented with these row of Manhattan like skyscrapers, making you feel really like a tiny insect.


3. The Markthal (Market Hall), is all about the food… ha… just kidding… #not. It is about the old market experience in a modern setting.

I deliberately didn’t put the complete building pictures here because I think the video will capture my experience better.

“For those who are lost, there will always be cities that feel
like home.” ~ Simon Van Booy