3 Top things to do in Düsseldorf, Germany.



Düsseldorf is a great city that can be easy reachable by bus, train or plane from multiple cities in Europe, that makes it a good weekend getaway city trip.

So without further due, let’s see what’s my top 3 things to do in Düsseldorf:

Window shopping at the Königsallee, where you could gawk at luxury brand showrooms and at the same time enjoy walking along side the beautiful Düsseldorf canal.



Rheinturm or The Rhine Tower, to get a good glimpse of the city own vibes you could go to this tower and have a “look around” Düsseldorf while drinking your favorite beverage.



Düsseldorf‘s Rhine embankment promenade, This is the literally should be one of the highlights of your visit in Dusseldorf. River view  dining, art gazing at The Kunst im Tunnel or just take a romantic stroll and enjoy the picturesque view.


Have a look at my video of a winter weekend in Dusseldorf.

The Hague, Scheveningen and the museum.


“Devine nature gave fields, human art built the cites.” ~ Marcus Terentius Varro

There are three things what I like most while doing a CityScape. First is checking out the city centre… yes… I’m a woman, I do like shopping.


Second of all is visiting the museums. Like most of cities in the Netherlands, The Hague is overloaded by museums, so this time I choose the Gemeentemusem (Municipality Museum). Why? Because at that time they have the exhibition of The Wonder World of Delfts Blue, a must see for  vintage lovers, plus I’ll take Mondrian collection anytime. For those of you who are traveling with kids, this museum is free for kids up to 18 yo.



The third best thing is the BEACH…yup… one more time the BEACH, Scheveningen is one of the best beach in Holland. In just +/-15 mins from city centre with the bus or tram, you’ll be enjoying the seaside…. pure love.


When you know better… you do better… (driving to Brussel).



My original plan was going to Antwerpen, but then I thought… well… what’s another 45 minutes more of driving. I usually go outside Holland by train or specifically with Thalys to Belgium, as I love sitting in the train, reading a good book or just staring at a long winding road while day dreaming, but as I was doing  my shopping trip (yes… for the shop, not pour moi), I felt I needed to take the car. Long story short, driving to Brussel during the weekend is not advisable, instead 2 hours and 45 Minutes from Amsterdam, It took me 5 hours because of traffic… oh… my, never again.