Happy place, Happy face! – Desk Tour 2016


The month November was a very hectic month for me, it is the busiest time of the year for my shop,  added with family life and chores, I wish I had another 24 hour in a day.

Now that December is here, it’s my nesting time. Since adopting the minimalist lifestyle I really have to continue training my self to ask the two ultimate questions at all time:

  1. Do you need it?
  2. Does it brings you joy?

So this year instead of having again a winter home decor haul, I only bought these 3 marque letters and placed them near my work station to be adored 🙂 .


Another good things are, by buying the letters I reorganized my desk and finally did the Konmari paper clean up and get rid more than 75% of my papers. O..my, that was really freeing.


I still have “a lot” of things on my desk but at least I only keep items that I use very regularly, so bottom line… happy place, happy face!


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