Vegan Diet – Netflix turned me into a vegan.

I dislike extremism in general, although some people who know me well tend to disagree.

Sometimes most of the time I have the tendency to go to the “extreme”, like leaving everything behind and move across the world to start all over again.The word “try” or “small” didn’t exist in my vocabulary. I always had to go big, be fully immerse into something and burned all the bridges behind. Over the years as being older and many “big” mistakes gained, I become calmer. Now I test the water before I dive in, I learn to make plans, get my focus straight and calculate my risk.

All the above being said, with my vegan diet though I was not even searching, it was my saturday chill night and like any normal person I watched Netflix. First was  IRIS (a maximalist) and then Cowspiracy appeared, and on to the Fork over Knives, so thank’s to Netflix “suggestions” I changed my diet to total plant based diet that day (once again I don’t need to try first, I’ve decided then and there).

However, I avoid using the term vegan to much because of the stigmas that attached to “being” vegan, the extremism, the drama and the hostility. No, I don’t want all of that. I don’t love animals more than I love people and I don’t feel my human superiority is up just because of my eating habit. Living healthier and environmental friendlier are my main goals.

So if you want to know what I eat in a day (with quick and easy recipes) and my food grocery shopping (budget haul) look like, here are the videos…


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