What’s in My Makeup Bag: Only 6 items (Glasses Wearer).

Summer nearly ends, I don’t know what it is but this time of year always makes me reflect on my past. Normally it wouldn’t get me this heavy, but for some reason I felt tired. Tired of my messy house (no matter how hard I tried to tidy things up it always looks messy). I was also tired of always racing against the time (so little time, so many things to do). I was simply tired of everything.

To address the problem, the optimist side of me turned to the first and foremost source of “how-to knowledge”, Mr.Google… and yes i’m late again, I just found out about The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-up” of Marie Kondo.

One thing led to another after doing the Konmari methode, I’m now in my journey to minimalist-landia. I’ve been around the world wide web long enough that  ZenHabits and The Minimalist are not completely new readings for me, yet somehow now I finally get them.

So I’m going to dedicated the blog to my journey of better living and we start with makeup 🙂 .

The story of makeup hoarder to a minimalist. You know my type, I’ve kept my cosmetic items long after their shelf life. Tons of mascaras…volume, lengthens, waterproof, brown, black, blue, glittered etc…and samples… o…my, I don’t even like most of them, just because they were “free”??? Brushes… where do I start, one face so many brushes, I usually end up using my fingers anyhow.

After a long afternoon, I’ve narrowed my collection to 6 piece of cosmetics, 2 brushes and a small make up bag. My ultimate hack is the BB cream, yup, 7 in one baby 🙂 . I use blush for eye shadows and contouring, eyeliner for eyelids and eyebrows.

Part of being minimalist is also becoming more conscious of my choice of  make up, I use now only natural / bio cosmetics. NeoBio is my new favorite, they are gentle and affordable (I really like them, not being paid).


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