What’s in My Makeup Bag: Only 6 items (Glasses Wearer).

Summer nearly ends, I don’t know what it is but this time of year always makes me reflect on my past. Normally it wouldn’t get me this heavy, but for some reason I felt tired. Tired of my messy house (no matter how hard I tried to tidy things up it always looks messy). I was also tired of always racing against the time (so little time, so many things to do). I was simply tired of everything.

To address the problem, the optimist side of me turned to the first and foremost source of “how-to knowledge”, Mr.Google… and yes i’m late again, I just found out about The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-up” of Marie Kondo.

One thing led to another after doing the Konmari methode, I’m now in my journey to minimalist-landia. I’ve been around the world wide web long enough that  ZenHabits and The Minimalist are not completely new readings for me, yet somehow now I finally get them.

So I’m going to dedicated the blog to my journey of better living and we start with makeup 🙂 .

The story of makeup hoarder to a minimalist. You know my type, I’ve kept my cosmetic items long after their shelf life. Tons of mascaras…volume, lengthens, waterproof, brown, black, blue, glittered etc…and samples… o…my, I don’t even like most of them, just because they were “free”??? Brushes… where do I start, one face so many brushes, I usually end up using my fingers anyhow.

After a long afternoon, I’ve narrowed my collection to 6 piece of cosmetics, 2 brushes and a small make up bag. My ultimate hack is the BB cream, yup, 7 in one baby 🙂 . I use blush for eye shadows and contouring, eyeliner for eyelids and eyebrows.

Part of being minimalist is also becoming more conscious of my choice of  make up, I use now only natural / bio cosmetics. NeoBio is my new favorite, they are gentle and affordable (I really like them, not being paid).


Minimalist Meal: Tabbouleh (tabbouli) Recipe / Simple Mediterranean Salad

I think I can call my self a foodie, I love cooking, baking, tastings, cook books, kitchen gadgets (all gadgets for that matter), day dreaming about delicious foods around the world, and the list goes on and on. With all that being said, there are also somedays that I just crave for something simple to eat, healthy, yet easy and quick to prepare, Tabbouleh is one of those my go to dish.



  • 1 cup of finely chopped parsley
  • 5-6 small tomatoes
  • half cup of couscous /bulgur
  • half cup of boiling water (depends on the type of bulgur see it’s individual directions on the packaging)
  • lemon juice from half medium lemon
  • 3 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • sea salt to taste

Please see the video down below on how to make it.


3 Markets to put on your Amsterdam bucketlist.

Amsterdam is actually quite a small city, but with really a lot of attractions to offer. Unfortunately if you are a tourist, Amsterdam transit system is not that great and you’ll get confuse soon enough. It is like you are in a 360° movie, everywhere  you stand you are surrounded by interesting places to see and you don’t know which way to go first.

It will also be handy to make a list of things to see when you visit Amsterdam to avoid being overwhelmed. The cheapest way to go around Amsterdam is to buy a day ticket (or multidays). With this ticket you could ride the trams, metros, ferries or trains the whole day as long as you are still in the city, so even if you’d make a wrong turn you don’t have to pay the extra transportation cost.

Now as for market-wise, I narrowed it down to three for you:


  1. Flower Market, do something different, bring flower buds as souvenirs for your loved ones back home.


2. Waterlooplein Vintage market, for the vintage fashionistas this will be your place, some of the stalls sell clothes by the kilograms.


3. Albert Cuyp Market, This is literally the melting pot of Amsterdam, I kid all the time that you could stop traveling the world and go to this market instead. Here you could find a lot of exotic food and herbs among other things.