3 Ideas to Vintage-Style Your Planters

As a plant lover and a busy person, you sometimes don’t have time to browse online to decide which planter to buy out of so many choices or you look at you plant and you realized that it needs to change pot now or it’s going to die ( ok… a bit exaggerating but you get my point). That kind of situations happened to me all the time and I ended up just looking around and try to find something that I already have to use as planters. Here are some of my favorites.

  1. Old can or tin box, it usually comes with adorable prints that can spice up your decor without even trying.


2. Enamel Bowl or Strainer, it always have a lovely colour to match with the colour of your plant and the shape goes nicely with plants that grow downwards.


3. Old kettle or tea pot, that you can not even use it to boiled water with but it has gorgeous patina, use it and it  will make you plant looks very unique.


Last but not least, I also put up a video on potting a plant in a vintage pot plus a short tour of my balcony garden.

4 Things you need to see at traditional Dutch craft market.

In every area in the Netherlands you’ll always find weekly farmers market, but in the summer months you’ll find a lot of  Traditional craft and folk art markets. For more information you could always contact the local  VVV (VVV is Dutch tourism office. In some areas they have  websites in English, some don’t, but you could always use the google translate. It a good site if you want something a bit off-track from the absolute touristic path).

On to the 4 things you need to see at traditional Dutch craft market:

  1. Lace-making, like the Master Painter Vermeer fascination, watching a lacemaker works is nothing but amazement.


2. Micro-Beading. Since the Victorian era beaded purses are still part of the European folk art charms, although you could distinguished Western Europe patterns from the ones from the east.

Tip: make sure you bring enough cash if you intend to buy one of these purses as price usually starts at €200, and most of the makers don’t except bank cards.


3. Dutch handmade wools.


4. Poffertjes. The Dutch are not famous for their cuisine, but if you have to try one thing, you have to try out “poffertjes’, they are mini pancakes that are baked in a special pan to make them fluffy and delicious. The other catch is, if you are watching a master”poffertjes” baker they seams to have magical hands as they could turn around hundreds of poffertjes in just a matter of seconds.


Shop  vintage copper decor , here.

The Hague, Scheveningen and the museum.


“Devine nature gave fields, human art built the cites.” ~ Marcus Terentius Varro

There are three things what I like most while doing a CityScape. First is checking out the city centre… yes… I’m a woman, I do like shopping.


Second of all is visiting the museums. Like most of cities in the Netherlands, The Hague is overloaded by museums, so this time I choose the Gemeentemusem (Municipality Museum). Why? Because at that time they have the exhibition of The Wonder World of Delfts Blue, a must see for  vintage lovers, plus I’ll take Mondrian collection anytime. For those of you who are traveling with kids, this museum is free for kids up to 18 yo.



The third best thing is the BEACH…yup… one more time the BEACH, Scheveningen is one of the best beach in Holland. In just +/-15 mins from city centre with the bus or tram, you’ll be enjoying the seaside…. pure love.