A Nightmare dresses like a daydream… suburbia.


If you live in the countryside or seaside, you’ll have nature to surround you, it’s calming… relaxing, open spaces give you sense of freedom.

Living in the city on the other hand gives you adrenaline from the constant movements with sounds and  noises galore. The hustle and bustle life in the city might give you stress but never boredom.

… but the suburb…I don’t know if it is the lack of excitements around or the wall after wall of concrete block houses… no matter how hard I try to find beauty in the suburbia, I still feel like slowly being suffocated. My only remedy is to travel anytime I can and only then I can recharged my insanity.



“That’s the trouble with the suburbs: it’s not a city, so you’re not anonymous, and it’s not a small town, so that people really care about you, but everybody kind of knows each other’s business, so you’re very judged.” ~ Anne-Marie Duff



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