When you know better… you do better… (driving to Brussel).



My original plan was going to Antwerpen, but then I thought… well… what’s another 45 minutes more of driving. I usually go outside Holland by train or specifically with Thalys to Belgium, as I love sitting in the train, reading a good book or just staring at a long winding road while day dreaming, but as I was doing  my shopping trip (yes… for the shop, not pour moi), I felt I needed to take the car. Long story short, driving to Brussel during the weekend is not advisable, instead 2 hours and 45 Minutes from Amsterdam, It took me 5 hours because of traffic… oh… my, never again.



2 thoughts on “When you know better… you do better… (driving to Brussel).

  1. Thank’s markandmelody, regular trains run every hour from Holland through to Paris via Brussel, but with Thalys, I think about 6 times a day, but during the busy hours (Early Morning and After 5pm), it’s better also to book your seat number, because if you take a change of buying tickets with out seat numbers than you might have to stand the whole / part of the way.


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